FET Careers & Benefits

FET is a company built on a foundation of trust, confidence, and loyalty. We consider our employees our family and believe in maximizing their take home pay.  We understand the value our employees provide to our company; they are what makes our company and thus we have developed a benefits model that allows each employee to maximize what is most important and beneficial to their needs.  We do not take away from their rate by forcing unnecessary benefits on our employees.

Every employee has a unique choice when it comes to selecting their benefits and only the benefits selected are deducted from your rate. The less benefits you take, the more take home pay you receive. We understand that we all have different lives and different needs, it’s not fair to force the same benefits model on everyone and deduct those costs from your take home pay and so we allow you to choose!


FET contributes 200% of the employees contribution up to 25%.

PTO / SSL / Holidays

We pay our employees the highest possible rate for each hour they work without forcing upon them the leave accrual model with lower pay. This allows each employee more flexibility and the ability to manage their own time off and leave based on personal needs.

Health Care

FET offers 3 Care First Medical plans: 1) Blue Choice HMO H.S.A Bronze, 2) Blue Choice HMO Gold, and 3) Blue Choice Advantage Gold. All premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars.

Medical Coverage Opt Out

Employees who have coverage through other means, may waive the FET health care plans. In doing so, pre-tax premiums will not be deducted, and our employees can enjoy more take home pay.

Dental Insurance

FET offers CareFirst Blue Dental Plus Opt 5 coverage.

Vision Insurance

FET offers CareFirst Blue Vision Plus Opt 3 coverage

Company Gatherings & Swag

At FET, we are a family! We love hosting company events and enjoying time outside of work with our FET family. Also, take pride in FET and enjoy some free company swag!

Additional Benefits

Other companies promise lots of other benefits including tech allowances, life insurance, trainings, etc. At FET, nothing additional is held from your hourly rate. We value the individual, not the employee, we want to do as much as we can so you stay with us for years to come and enjoy a great work/life balance!